We’re a group of Clifton residents working hard to bring a full-service grocery store back to the heart of Clifton. The empty IGA is bad for our neighborhood. It hurts the residents and it hurts the business district. We cannot afford to wait for someone else to fill the space. Together, we can create the grocery store that our neighborhood needs.

Cooperatives are owned by community members like you and controlled democratically by its consumer-owners. You don’t have to be a worker to be an owner, and you don’t have to be an owner to be a shopper. A cooperative is run like any other grocery store, except that it answers to its consumer-owners.

Cooperatives exist to serve their shoppers, not to make large profits off of them. As such, owners are entitled to patronage refunds each year to ensure they are purchasing at cost. Refunds are sometimes deferred, especially in the early years, to re-invest in the store. But the capital ultimately belongs to the owners.

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What’s Cooking at Clifton Market

July 21, 2014

Join Clifton Market at the Esquire Theatre this Saturday, July 26, at 10AM for another public informational meeting about our capital campaign. We’ve been working hard to raise the funds to purchase the building through owner loans. We’ll have more information on owner loans, along with an expanded business plan to accompany the financial projections we presented last time. Read more...

July 8, 2014

On June 27, we held another public meeting at the Esquire Theatre to kick off our capital campaign. With over 400 owners, we’re now ready to start offering loans to owners to raise the capital to buy the building and start construction. We need $1.65 million by October to purchase the building, and another $2.5 million after that to finish the construction, purchase the equipment, and stock the shelves. Read more...

June 25, 2014

Join Clifton Market at the Esquire Theatre this Saturday, June 28, at 10AM for a public informational meeting about our capital campaign. Thanks to your enthusiasm and support, Clifton Market has over 400 owners, and that number grows every day. Now it’s time to move to the next phase in our efforts to bring back our grocery store. Read more...

April 28, 2014

Join us for another public informational meeting at the Esquire Theatre this Saturday, May 3, at 10AM. We’ll have updates on our progress so far, including information on our contract to purchase the old IGA building. And in case you missed our first public meeting, we’ll explain our plans and how the co-op model works. Read more...

April 11, 2014

Friday afternoon, we held a press conference to announce that we now have a signed contract with Steve Goessling to purchase the IGA building for $1.65 million. We feel this is a fair price that lets Steve Goessling obtain a clear title for purchase and lets the community get on with the business of opening a grocery store. Read more...

March 14, 2014

Your Clifton Market team has laid the groundwork to bring a full-service grocery store back to Clifton. We're ready to move on to the next phase, and we want to tell you all about it. Join us at Clifton's own Esquire Theatre this Saturday, March 15, at 10AM. We have a lineup of speakers who will explain the co-op model, our status and our plans, and how you can help. We'll also have details available for purchasing shares to become an owner. Read more...

February 17, 2014

Hello Friends and Neighbors. We are a group of Clifton residents, business owners, and philanthropists who have been working tirelessly for the past six months to return a full service grocery store to Clifton. Also on our team are the original marketing and financial architects of the community effort to keep the Esquire Theater open and viable. In light of some of the information circulating throughout the community we felt it would be a good time to provide an update of our activities and achievements over the past several months. Read more...