We launched an Indiegogo campaign to help raise more funds. Tell your friends and family they can help too.
Clifton Market is owned by hundreds of community members like you. You can own your piece of the Market too.
Our commercial is on TV and in select theatres, showing Cincinnati what Clifton can accomplish.
Already an owner? Want to help more? Read about our owner loan program.
Our market analysis shows positive expectations for an uptrend grocery in the heart of Clifton.

We’re a group of Clifton residents working hard to bring a full-service grocery store back to the heart of Clifton. The empty IGA is bad for our neighborhood. It hurts the residents and it hurts the business district. We cannot afford to wait for someone else to fill the space. Together, we can create the grocery store that our neighborhood needs.

Own a Share

Clifton Market is democratically controlled by its owners. Buy your $200 share online, by mail, or in person today.

Make a Loan

We’re raising the funds to buy the building and finish the construction through an owner loan campaign. And we need your help.

Get Involved

Our efforts are supported by dozens of volunteers from the community. Even a little time helps a lot.

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Open House & Public Meeting This Thursday Nov 05
Join us at the Market for Open House and Community Meeting
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Clifton Market hosts community events in November.